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Gifts for DMs and D&D players alike

Need some inspiration for the perfect gift to get your Dungeon Master (or, indeed, any D&D enthusiast?) Then look no further - here's the perfect list for any budget!

*N.B. The Amazon links (marked with an *) on this page are affiliate links. This doesn't cost you any extra, but I make a small commission from any sales - which helps support the site :)


Because you can never have too many dice, right! And regardless of your taste and favourite colours, there will be a set that's perfect for you! My first set(*) were bought for me by some friends, and have little plastic ducks inside - because, why not? I've bought several other sets since then, but these will always have a place in my heart.

If you want something that feels a bit more dramatic, though, maybe get yourself a set of metal dice(*)

I got this set last Christmas, and while they're a little pricier, they do make your rolls feel that much more dramatic! The d4 on these is pretty sharp though - so maybe not the best bet for young players.

I also like to give my first-time players a set of dice when they start in one of my campaigns. For that, I buy a big job-lot of dice like this(*) and give them out before the first session.

They are also good to just lend out whenever you run a session and inevitably some of your players forget their dice.

Dice Trays

And you're going to need somewhere to roll those dice, of course! That's where a nice dice tray comes in handy. These leather ones(*) are pretty cheap, and flatten out - making them easy to transport to and from your game night.

For a little more, you could instead go for one of these leather mats and dice holders(*).

They have the added bonus of looking like a scroll - which makes you feel just that little bit cooler when rolling!

Dice Towers

If you want to go all in on the theatricality though (which, thinking about it, is probably a high percentage of people who play DnD), a dice tower can make your dice rolls feel a little more epic! My friends and I bought one like this one(*) as a gift for the DM in a campaign I was a player in a while back. It's now super cool to see him using it as a player in my campaign!

The Deck of Many Things/ Deck of Illusions

As a DM, I love the Deck of Many Things(*)! Fair warning, it can completely derail your games, but if you're the kind of DM that likes a bit of unpredictability, then look no further! I own this set by Cultzilla.

For something equally fun and unpredictable (but less likely to destroy your game!) you could also grab the Deck of Illusions(*)!

And if you don't want to buy several different sets of custom cards, but still want something that looks cool - a great option is to get a Tarot Deck(*). You can then attribute the different cards from the Deck of Many Things or the Deck of Illusions to the Major Arcana cards in there.

Battle mat

Because I'm on a bit of a budget, I usually just draw out my battle maps on large A2 sheets of paper. If you want something reusable (and let's face it, way better looking) though, a battle mat might be for you. These Chessex ones(*) are pretty much the gold standard.

Terrain and miniatures

Why settle for a map though, when you could use proper terrain pieces instead? Now, you can basically spend as much as you like on these. These Battle Systems(*) ones though are pretty good bang for your buck.

Again, miniatures(*) can get pretty expensive. If you enjoy customising and painting them, though that can make a fun passtime by itself. And there's nothing quite like controlling your own custom miniature in battle!

Magic Item cards, Spellcards and Creature cards

If you're a generous DM, you'll like rewarding your players with various magic items they come across on their campaigns. I find that being able to hand them a physical card(*) makes that acquisition just a little bit more special.

Likewise, if you need a little inspiration for any NPCs or creatures that your party are going to encounter, these creature and NPC cards(*) are great for giving that little bit of inspiration when you're drawing a creative blank.

Similarly, these spell cards(*) are great for players and DMs alike. There are different sets for different classes, though I find the arcane ones give you most bang for your buck. These are particularly useful for one-shots, where I can give them out along with players' character sheets - so they don't have to go crawling through the players' handbook(*) to find everything.

Spell and effect markers

If you enjoy playing face to face with maps/ terrain and minis, then keeping track of each spell effect or condition effecting each character can be tricky - but effect markers(*) such as these can make that so much easier!

DM Screen

Say goodbye to just having a couple of propped up binders to serve as your screen! A proper DM screen(*) is a great way to shield your rolls, remind you of any rules you always seem to forget, and to give a bit more gravitas to your game. I made my own, but getting a ready-made one will be just as good, and save you loads of time!

DM Bag

Ah, now you've hit the big time! I dream of a DM bag like this - it would make me look far more authentic than using the carrier bags that my D&D stuff is currently transported in! This one(*) is specially designed with areas for your books, maps, minis, stationary etc. You'll look like a pro turning up to the game shop with one of these, that's for sure!


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