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BesT OF Apprentice DM

Here you'll find the site's most popular posts in various different categories

(you know, if you don't have time to read every post)


   1. Top 10 tips for beginner DMs
   2. My favourite homebrew rules
   3. How to create a D&D one-shot
   4. Lessons from pro-DMs
   5. How to prep for a D&D session
   6. 5 things to improve in person D&D games
   7. Gifts for DMs and DnD players alike
   8. How to increase roleplay in your DnD sessions
   9. What's behind my DM screen?
   10. Improving DnD combat



   1. DnD Human NPC names
   2. DnD tavern encounters
   3. DnD campsite enc
   4. DnD forest encounters
   5. Melee weapon crit fails in combat
   6. Random NPC names (for all races)
   7. Ranged weapon crit fails in combat
   8. Spell attack crit fails in combat
   9. DnD Random City encounters
   10. D&D noticeboard announcements



   1. Changes I made running Dragons of Stormwreck Isle
   2. Game Master's Book of Random Encounters
   3. Game Master's Book of Non-Player Characters
   4. 2022 Starter Set (Dragons of Stormwreck Isle)
   5. The Monsters Know What They're Doing

   6. Do you need the Dungeon Master's Guide?



   1. Giovanni Battista (Human Sharpshooter)
2. Tobias Wormwood (Gamekeeper and Animal Rights Activist)
   3. Imelda Ravenwood (Human Barkeep)
   4. Fernando Vargas (Jester/ thief)
   5. Willow Burrows (Halfling Graverobber)
   6. Alaric Flintheart (Cursed Stonemason)
   7. Abraham van Hervelde (Monster Hunter)
   8. Francesco Esposito (Watch and Bomb maker)
   9. Felix Dragonscale (Kobold Chef)
   10. Juniper Misselthwaite (Poison brewer)

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